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2023 CE

2023 CE

  • At the end of summer 2022, I had the opportunity of taking on some large Ash and Beech tree stumps that had fallen in storm Eunice of that year.


    Ive always had a fascination with human depictions throughout time and having practised my own carvings throughout the years on small figures I was confident enough in my ability to create larger life scale forms.

    My biggest source of inspiration I would say was the Moai figures on Easter island. The fact they have been carved and lined up in a very mysterious manner really captivates me.

    I worked on this project for just over a year, through all elements of the weather.  The transformation of the tree stumps to human form was greatly satisfying and an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.


     All four figures are available to buy individually or as a set. 


    Please dont hesitate to get in contact if you would like more infomation on them and pricing.


    Rough dimensions

    Height: 7ft

    Width/Depth: 800mm

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