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Image by Rémi Walle


No chemicals, no additives, no production line. Just handcrafted fine furniture with an understanding of it's locational surroundings.

I've always shared a deep love for nature which I feel is reflected in my work. I believe in embracing our surroundings but also ensuring future generations of life can do the same. With every decision I make I question the possible impact it has on our environment. Being sustainable should be the most important part of any business because it affects everyone of us.

FSC Wood

Whether it is hardwood, softwood, veneer or ply all the timbers used in my workshop have an FSC branding, which means all wood has been sensibly sourced and controlled in our woodlands.




I use bubble wrap that is made from recycled plastic bottles as well as FSC rated cardboard and paper which have also been formed completely from recycled waste cards and papers.


Of course in woodworking there will always be off cuts of waste wood but I try to minimise this with precise plans of actions. As well as creating all sorts of different projects from wastage woods and upcycled timbers, I also supply a local gardening firm who find different sustainable uses.

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