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  • For all of the years I have been designing and working on projects. I’ve worked with a vast amount of timbers from all over the world, but in actual fact, my favourite is  grown commonly right on my doorstep in the UK. What I love most about Ash, is its colour and wonderful clean consistent grain patterns which is something usually uncommon in the natural world. I find Ash works well on contemporary design as it’s subtle when trying to capture an organic element.

    Pedn has been hand carved from a tree stump and hollowed on the underside for easy mobility. A perfect piece to sit back, relax and let the imagination run wild.



    Height: 680mm

    Width: 700mm

    Depth: 650mm

    Seat height: 320mm


    This piece is made to order. It is a one off but I am open to creating something similar. Send me a message with your requirements for a free quote and my current lead time.

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